Nation Parks in Taman Negara

Ever since the year 1938, Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia has been regarded as the definitive a must-see park in the entire Southeast Asia. Most people do not know that Taman Negara is a derivative of the Malay language meaning national park. It covers approximately 4,343 sq km, this makes it the finest and largest tract of highly protected lowland rainforest in the whole of Southeast Asia. Undoubtedly, it is among the top parks in the entire Asian continent.


The Taman Negara National Park is popular for its full spectrum of native animals and absolutely pristine habitats. This includes Sumatran tigers and rhinos that are endangered. It should be noted that sightings of tigers and rhinos are very rare. However, the park has over four hundred elephants as well as a few Malayan tapir that are oddly snouted.

The infrastructure of the national park comprises of salt licks, important waterholes and several hides on stilts. This area is where it is quite easy to spot unsuspecting wildlife. Some of the famous animals to watch are wild pigs, mouse deer, sambars, serows, wild oxen (seladang) and barking deer (muntjacs).

Those are not the only fauna inside the park, the jungle also hosts large mammals, three hundred and sixty colorful bird species, yellow-throated martens, 1.5kg giant squirrels and monkeys. It has remarkably noisy and ponderous hornbills, in fact, these are very distinct in the park.

Other favorites are ground-loving pittas, particularly the stunning garnet pitta that has an amazing mix of blue and red feathers. Bird experts from all over the globe come to the park specifically to search for the Malaysian rail-babbler. It has no taxonomic affinities to typical birds.


The Taman Negara National Park boasts of very rich rainforests that have been evolving and growing with minimal disturbance for an extensive period i.e. one hund5red and thirty million years. This has allowed the diversity of exotic trees is much higher compared to all other sites on the globe. It has over 240 tree species together with hundreds of epiphytes and these have been counted over 1-hectare plot.


The Taman Negara National Park is situated approximately 300 kilometers to the northeast of Kuala Lumpur. It can be accessed via private car, public bus and train. All these modes of transport are relatively affordable and convenient. Visitors are advised to visit the national park during dry seasons of the year. This is an ideal time because most animals in the park are breeding hence easy to spot. It provides a rare opportunity to take photographs and just enjoy the view.


The above insightful information clearly shows why The Taman Negara National Park is a popular tourist destination. There is plenty of rainforest and animal species to be enjoyed. Other beautiful things to explore that were not mentioned include limestone outcroppings, game-fish rivers and wide plateaus. This is truly a gem that ought to be explored and enjoyed by all. If you have not visited the national park then you ought to make a point to because you are missing out. Thanks to Security Camera Installation San Antonio TX for this amazing article!


Visiting Taman Negara, Malaysia for your vacation or touring Taman Negara National park? Then you need to be familiar with the resorts lifestyles around your destination. Many hotels in Taman Negara have luxurious lifestyles where the visitors are provided with several free services and affordable fees to their bills. The services provided by resort management influences the kind of lifestyle the visitors experience during their visits.

People of Taman Negara live a nomadic lifestyle grazing their cattle around the rainforest where there is plenty of pastures. Nevertheless, the area is a tourist attraction site with a national park were visitors enjoy seeing wild animals and doing adventure activities. To make the living status admirable to many visitors, hotels and restaurants work hand in hand to achieve a favorable resort lifestyle for esteemed visitors and booking groups.

Here are lifestyle features of the highest rated resorts in Taman Negara;

• Free Internet access: Wi-Fi is installed around the resort and accommodation rooms to meet visitors internet needs. The presence of Wi-Fi internet access has improved the visitors’ lifestyles, as they don’t need to purchase their own internet data bundles.

• Ample Parking for driving visitors: Most of the resorts in Taman Negara offer their visitors with a free parking service. Visitors can relax knowing well that their cars are secure. This has also considered the visitor’s time and money that would look and pay for the parking fee.

• Breakfast Buffet: Once you let in a retort you are assured premier breakfast according to your preference and taste. All included in your resort bill you can start your day with energetic breakfast giving Taman Negara resorts a luxurious lifestyle feature.

• Air Conditioning: Both in resorts and accommodation rooms visitors are provided with a conducive living environment at optimal temperatures and air freshening. Majority of resorts are installed with air conditioning to ensure there is a healthy lifestyle.

• Non-Smoking Hotels; Health is a paramount factor to all. For this reason, smoking is strictly prohibited to save visitors from harmful smokes from chain smokers. This has enabled all visitors to fit the resort and give them a comfortable lifestyle.

• Jungle adventure activities: Due to their nearness to the Taman Negara National Park, almost all resorts around have a wide range of free jungle adventure activities to their visitors. For those visitors who love nature hiking find this lifestyle enjoying.

• Swimming pools: For swimmers swimming pools are available.

• Renting a bicycle to explore the area: the management has made it possible for visitors to tour around Taman Negara. Resorts offer this service at lower and affordable prices to all visitors to enable short distance movements.

From special treatments to the visitors in Taman Negara resorts, a good lifestyle has made many visitors leave positive reviews and high rates to resorts they visited. All visitors are equally treated without their racial or gender difference to encourage potential visitors who wish to have an excellent vacation in Taman Negara.

Find the best resort in Taman Negara today and enjoy the rainforest aesthetic around. All you need is available at a reasonable cost. Your pay assures your luxury lifestyle during your visit to Taman Negara in Malaysia. Thanks to Security Camera Installation Austin TX for this great write up!


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